Buckets of tears

I saw this as a kid and I remember sobbing like a baby. Recently I saw one of those celebrity lists of people who....and this was of actors who died under the age of 30. I was truly shocked and saddened when I saw that the little girl who played Savannah was on this list having died of a Heroine overdose at 21. Say it isn't so!!! She was the cutest little kid I've ever seen in any movie. The idea that this little kid grew up to O.D. on drugs is a sickening thought.

After I saw her on this list I felt I had to watch this movie again just one more time curious to see if I'd still feel the same way about this movie.

Well it's a silly, cheesy movie for sure. It's very similar to others in that time period; the story, the plausibility, the acting...but if you look beyond this you see an absolutely beautiful story. Even though this movie is a comedy I have to say that 30 plus years later I still cry several times throughout. It's so emotional and gut wrenching at times. Savannah's charm and magical innocence completely transformed the lives of these two men living a life of crime who had absolutely nothing. At the very end when you see Savannah in the back seat of the car as it pulls away and she is smiling and waving and Boots says to Alvie; "I hope no one ever tells her that we were bad guys" and Alvie says "it won't make no difference" I get choked up even writing this.

Tragic that this adorable child died so young. Beautiful story that still makes me weep like a baby.


I agree.It makes me choke up at the end.She was a good little actress.


Savannah hugging Boots at the end is positively heartbreaking.

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