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I have never seen this movie

I just wanted to let everyone know. OK?

How are you? it's lonely in here... ok, gotta go.

David Carradine hung himself and is dead, by the way. Some say that he was performing a sexual act at the time, but I do not know the details. I liked him as an actor. He was perfect as Bill in the Kill Bill movies, and I remember him in a funny role, starring along side Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys, but I forget the name of that movie, something about traveling/ America, whatever.

As for Stockard Channing - I was reading an old Playboy magazine (starring Bo Derek on the cover, from September 1981) and there was a little blurb about her starring in this movie called "Two in the Bush". I decided to check it out. There was nothing in her history about that movie - but there WAS this Safari 3000 - So, i must assume it is the same project, with a different name. Either or - it sucks I'm sure, no matter what you call it. btw - Autolux's "Turnstile Blues" just came on my MP3. I have it on shuffle. It's a lazy shuffle for Christs' sake.

As for Stockard - man that is a strange name, don't you think?

Stockard. ????.

my shuffle is now playing "Genghis Khan" by Iron Maiden.

The first time I saw Mrs. Channing on the big screen was probably when I went with my friend's family to a drive-in movie here in Pennsylvania to see the movie "Grease". I was nine years old... and I remember it was a double feature and the movie "Gus" was the opening flick... the movie about a field goal kicking mule.

Shuffle: "Cannibal Cafe" by SNFU.

Ok. I'm done here.

oh, that's right Stockard was in "Smoke" with Harvey Keitel. A so-so film, but it contains one of my favorite scenes of all time, in any movie. I won't tell you what it is. Maybe you can guess. It is highly emotional and gets me every time I watch it. Send me a message if you want ... anyways I've spent way too long here writing this. Basically, writing this b/c I know that it will NEVER be read by anyone. ever. It's like the ending of that crap movie, AI... that kid going "Mommy?""Mommy?" for an eternity.

What am i talking about?? who knows. bore *beep* dum... Wishing you a good evening my friends...


Lol! I just caught the end of this movie on ThisTV. I want to watch it all now. David & Stockard looked so young and great. I want to watch a commentary on it just to hear what Stockard had to say about her monkey pal. He was all over her, it definitely loved her. Christopher Lees accent was great, he's super talented. Have a great evening.


Its on This TV right now.


It's playing again on THIS TV today at 10AM Central Time.