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What ? No board for this cult movie ???

Some simple and classic questions :

In your opinion is "le père Noël" the most popular french movie in France above all others ?

Another question, this one is a classic : Did you prefer the stage version or the movie ?

How can this essential part of our culture bear only a 7.4 user rating ?
Who didn't vote 10 ?
Que le coupable se dénonce ou je punis toute la classe !


I agree that there should be more enthousiasm on this movie's board, alas I have noticed that there are very few boards about french movies here. I guess there are not enough french people around on IMDB.
Well so here my contribution:
I don't know if Le Pere Noel is the most popular french movie, but it certainly is in the top 10, along with Les Bronzes, Le coup du Parapluie or Le grand Blond avec une Chaussure Noire. I don't know anyone my age (I am around 30) who doesn't know all those movies. So I definitely they are part of the french popular movie culture.

I haven't seen the stage version (well I have seen it once on TV, but that does not really count), so I cannot really answer that question. I guess though that the actors preferred the stage version, as they were free to make the play "live" and grow better, whereas the movie version has fixed everything.

I gave it a 10, because even after having seen it about 20 times, I still find it funny.


I try to send comments or to answer on boards about french movies, but you are right, french cinema ( and overall european cinema) is underrated.
I see you like Pierre Richard too :) I'm very fond of the ones you mentioned, and I'll add "Je suis timide mais je me soigne", with Pierre Richard and Aldo Maccione as one of my favorites.
I didn't see le père Noêl on stage neither, only the recorded version for TV.

At least, we have a topic for this movie !


I agree, this is a great movie. Does anybody know how we can purchase it? (preferably in DVD)

Il y a toutefois plusieurs bons films du Québec sur IMDB!


Well I had to order it from France.. but its worth it. the picture qualitys crystal clear =D ! and the movie is, of course, wonderful. And i prefer the movie version. The stage version is funny too, but the way things went near the end disapointed me... And then the movie fixed everything up =] i LOOOVE thta movie.


How can one decide that any film is amongst the most popular for their country?!?

This is a classic comedy in the style of Feydeau. I've not had the opportunity to see this as a stage version/play.

I rated it 8/10 because it fulfilled its part as a comedy but it lacks an aesthetic or philosophy that will stay with me though I loved the chocolates rolled under the arm ...

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