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I was in this movie

I was the guy in the scene bus where all of us were going to boot camp, (Near the end of rhe movie) and as the bus pulls away from the recruit center, (Downtown Minneapolis) I'm the only one on the bus smiling as I turn my head.

The story behind that was everytime we tried to shoot that scene, somebody would do something to screw up the shot, and to re-set, we had to reposition the bus by going around the bocks of downtown MPLS. The A.D. would kind of yell at us becuse he wanted to get it right of course.

Well after 8-10 takes of this, we finally got it right... the bus pulls away, a guy in the back is crying, everyone says "goodbye", then it gets really quiet... (everyone wanted this to be finally perfect) and some guy behind me trying to be funny says "goodbye.. goodbye.. Ralph...") Don't know why he said Ralph, but it made me laugh, but my head was in the shot so I tried to cover it up because I didn't want the Assistant Director yelling at me because we would have had to re-do the shot.

But nobody said a word...

I thought I escaped a bullet.. but when I did go see the movie (Yes it did play in a movie theater) I saw they kept the shot where I was smiling as the bus pulled away.

My two friends were also in the movie Jim Twyman and Curt Mingo. Curt got to do the fight scene at the bowling alley. He was the one who fell running over all the bowling lanes...



Interesting-thanks for sharing. Got a copy I can watch/buy??