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Amitabh's best comical role EVER!!!

I really do not think even Amitabh could top this in 'funniness'!!!! Anyone disagree?????


See my comment on the main page. I do not want simply to be rude about Amitabh who I think is an actor of all the talents and whom I admire in many films (from Anand to Black). But I do feel that this sort of film (with its completely daft plot, its over the top style and its construction entirely devoted to showcasing Amitabh) represented a very unfortunate development in Hindi cinema. It saddens me rather to see Sashi Kapoor and (even more so) Smita Patil in a film where their talents are never used and where they merely act as foils for the big B.

But I doubt if any fans of Amitabh are likely to agree with me....


see my comment about the movie too... the movie is silly, in fact outright dumb! but it still packs a bunch of laughs!

To be ridiculous is sublime.