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who played the scottish bagpipe music in the wood?

If you haven't seen the movie, maybe you ought to stop reading about here. I assume it was the brother "Ian" playing the scottish bagpipe music. I didn't expect much of this movie, becouse, well, i thought of Heston more as an actor than director, but this movie.. i don't know.. it's something else. I really enjoyed it.

i shovel snow at day, and burn logs at night to keep warm,
i got bottles to get stoned, and a cabin to shelter from the storm,
but one day i'll find a fortune, and live life like a king,
i'm gonna buy myself a mansion, and there'll be no more sorrowfull songs to sing,
the rivers keep flowing, tree tops keep growing,
the stones keep rolling, and the moonlight keep glowing,
and i will pack my bag, and keep on going,
honey, button up my shirt,
scrub this old floor from the dirt,
i'll leave this place to some gray bearded fellow with gold teeth,
there'll be no more hunger, no suppers without drinks and beef,
tell everybody i know, that i will leave someday,
that i will soon go, and tell the bystanders to get out of the way,
i'll pack my things and leave,
i'll follow this footpath by the creek,
if i should meet a bear,
i better bring protection to keep me from fear,
if i shall pass a rose, yellow or red under a sky blue,
i will stop and think of you,
if i'll see an apartment building in the middle of the wood,
maybe i'll settle a while in that neighborhood,
i'm heading my way,
maybe i'll see you again someday.