Happy to see...

...that there's still love for this film, even after all these years!

I remember seeing the film on tv as a kid, then later tracking down the Vestron VHS on eBay, then getting the R2 DVD, then finally getting the R1 DVD release. It literally took years for this to get a R1 release, but it was worth it! :)

Great film! Love the claustrophobic atmosphere of the film, the scenes in the mines, Heston's dual role as twins (and his hammy overacting), and the overall vibe of the film.

The only thing missing from the R1 DVD was a feature-length commentary about the film from Fraser Heston! I would love to hear stories of the making of this film.

Thanks, Fraser Heston, for making a fun film like this, and for finally having it get an R1 release!