Happy Monty Python Day!!

October 5th, 39 years ago. My dad remembers exactly where he was - sitting in front of the telly.

For 'twas 39 years ago today that Monty Python's Flying Circus was screened on BBC 1 at precisely 10.50 PM or thereabouts. The world was never the same again.

What started as a collaboration between young comedians from two children's shows ("Do Not Adjust Your Set" and "At Last The 1948 Show"), grew into stuff of comedy legend.

After a disasterous meeting with the BBC Head of Comedy (when he asked "What is it about?", they replied "umm... we don't know...". He then asked "How long is it?", they said "umm... we don't know...". Then he asked another important question, "What is it called?", and they said "umm... we don't know..." - and so the deal was done. A 13-part series was offered and the rest, as they say, is history)

From their first episode "Wither Canada?" began a revolution in British comedy. Four series, four films, live tours, many albums and a stage musical later, the Monty Python legend lives on.

Celebrate this day by watching as much Python you can muster! Buy their box set http://www.amazon.co.uk/Monty-Python-Definitive-Outrageously-Collection/dp/B000W8AB22/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1223221702&sr=8-2 and indulge in 28 hours of Monty Pythonic bliss!

Or else, go forth and spead the joy! Slap someone with a fish! Confuse a cat! Seduce your milkman and lock him in a room with all the others! Climb the North Face of the Uxbridge Road! Be silly to each other!

Happy Monty Python Day!