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PETITION to get Graham's last work released

As you all know, Graham Chapman is dead. One of the last things he wrote and acted in was a pilot for a series that was to be called 'Jake's Journey'. (
It was never produced because at first the senior directors at CBS didn't understand it and then Graham died before the show could be sold to another company.
The pilot tape is somewhere on a shelf in a studio. It has never been released, and that is a big shame. I propose that anyone interested should write an email with a petition to

[email protected]

And ask for it to be released.

NB Write polite and understandable. I don't want to encourage spam, this is merely a petition to CBS.

This is nøt å signåture.


I saw a snippet of something like this ont he TV show, "The Best Shows You've Never Seen.' it showcased unused pilot episodes.
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Yes, but unlike most pilots, that get rejected because of their faults, this one had potential but two of the creators died.

This is nøt å signåture!



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