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Anyone else wonder, in the '80s, what Lir meant....

....when he first sees *humanized* Almathea?
There were no subtitles on VHS films back then, nor no Internet, so we young kids had to rely on our ears alone lol!

I remember it was years before we figured out what Lir said.

It had sounded like "She has a nunis."
We were like what the heck is a 'nunis'? 

Although, once we did learn it was 'She has a newness'
We still couldn't understand an odd line like that.

I'd say this cloud is Cumulo Nimbus.
Didn't he discover America?
Penfold, shush.


Maybe 1st time watching as kid. 2nd time got it cuz of pictorial surroundings at that moment.


I always thought he said "She has a nudist." because Almathea didn't have any clothes on.