One of my favorites...,

I saw this as a youngster years ago & loved it then & now. I was introduced to Sally Field through reruns of Gidget (I was obsessed with shows/movies from the 50'/60's). I'm not sure if I loved the show becuz I loved her hair (don't judge me) on Gidget but I definitely loved her hair in Kiss me Goodbye. Now, that's not the only reason why I loved this movie, I also had a thing for James Caan (since the Godfather) too, who knew he could tap dance. Anywho, this movie was hilarious with a lot of funny scenes: when Jolly first appears, when the movers are taking out the chair and she says Rupert's (or was it Jolly) mother delivered him in that chair, the restaurant (did anyone else notice that she kissed everyone she ran into EXCEPT Roscoe/Ronald), the bedroom scene, the drive to the Inn, the whole Inn/talking to the chair....