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Dinah Manoff won a Tony for this on Broadway

I always find it interesting in those rare cases when the actors who win great acclaim for their roles on Broadway reprise them in the film, and not a single award or nomination. It happened with the guy who played Angel in Rent, and Nathan Lane only got a Golden Globe nomination for The Producers and Matthew Broderick got nothing.

I haven't seen this movie, and 1982 was a competitive year in film performances. Sometimes I think Broadway is just less competitive, especially when it comes to musicals since there are so few and the quality of the music matters slightly more on Broadway than in film where other considerations like plot and editing make or break a remake.

Still, it's weird when someone wins a Tony for a dramatic performance and then does the film version a mere two years later with a well-respected director, and gets nary a nomination.


This movie wasn't a huge hit, that may be why. Not that it matters much, Oscar has been known to award lesser known films...but I always heard that Oscar likes a hit.

Dammit Carol Sue, where is the vodka?!



I would have to agree with you, vmf-1. Manoff is really oft-putting in the role. Immediately when she is wandering though the cemetery she is way over the top. Subtlety is not her forte. (Even in Grease but that movie has a whole different feel and it worked.) The difference between her performance and the nice work of Ann-Margaret when they initially meet is night and day.


Totally agree, she's way over the top.
I laughed when I read the post saying it should have been nominated for an Oscar. Unbelievable!