What were those crab creatures?

This was not even a guilty pleasure-little story, bad acting and very little plot did not help this mess. The editing was bad-did she have an affair with the brother in law? Very confusing!

What were those crab creatures? Were they possessed and why the crabs?

The beheadings were suprisingly realistic though for 1982.

But ultimately boring. Avoid at all cost!

3 out of 10.


Those crab creatures were the highlight of the film for me. I assume it was their revenge for eating shellfish. ;-) But they do come out of nowhere, and then the girl is hospitalized, and the father is all of a sudden out of the hospital. So yes, the editing was bad, the acting wasn't great, but I still found this film worthwhile because I wasn't bored.

And wasn't it her husband's boss, not her brother-in-law, whom she had the affair with?



Very cheesy. And apparently crabs is a byproduct of infidelity.


I know they were crabs but they resembled giant spiders and they freaked me the hell out, man!

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did she have an affair with the brother in law?
Yes and no. She did but it wasn't really her, she was possessed by the ghost of the dead girl. All along the ghosts were trying to recreate their deadly love triangle.

Conform or be cast out


Giant Enemy Crabs have always been an enemy of the Japanese.

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How come the girl didn't just hit their weak points for massive damage?