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Can't find the novel from which this film is based on.

I've been looking all over for this novel, supposedly written by James Hardiman. I see references to it all the time in relation to this film, but I cannot find if this book was ever actually published. Was it a published under another title? Was it a short story or was this film based on an earlier screenplay?

Anyone know?


That is so weird. I can't find any evidence that this novel even exists. I could have sworn I saw a copy of it at a Goodwill many years ago, but I could be imagining that. If this book existed, I doubt it would be so difficult to find. There's nothing on eBay or Amazon. Some old movies (usually European ones) included a phony "based on the novel by" credit to make their movies appear more legitimate. Maybe that's the case here, but you wouldn't think so considering this movie was produced by a major studio. Bizarre.