COMET has added it to its lineup!

I'm watching it now after previously seeing it numerous times on HBO waaaay back when and on TCM.

I always tune in to see Edward Albert.

(W)hat are we without our dreams?
Making sure our fantasies
Do not overpower our realities. ~ RC


I'm also watching this movie on the COMET Channel right now
but surprisingly for the very first time ever here   .

I actually never heard of this movie before ( until here on COMET )
quite a excellent find for me here   .
I'm definitely enjoying this one so far  .

I totally agree MystMoonstruck actor Edward Albert
was really good in this movie too 
( IMPO from a distance he almost bares a similar
resemblance to actor Tom Selleck in this movie   ) .

Thanks so much MystMoonstruck for your subject post  .


You're welcome!

I don't see it listed for a while, at least not through Sunday. Generally, I check out the guide and post alerts to some of the more-obscure films but was late for this one. I am surprised that it isn't going to be on again within a day or so, which is the usual case with COMET.

I'll keep watch to see when it will air again. Today, it followed "Lost Souls" (2000). But, the next times "Lost Souls" will be aired, it's not paired up with "The House Where Evil Dwells". That's unusual for COMET because generally two films seem to be paired up~for example, "The Snake Woman" and "Jaws of Satan" (more snakes).

Here's COMET's guide, one that doesn't have to be downloaded:

To me, most of the reviews are not fair, especially because they ignore the setting with its customs and beliefs.

BTW: I LOVE your icon! It's one of my all-time favorite movies.

(W)hat are we without our dreams?
Making sure our fantasies
Do not overpower our realities. ~ RC


Perhaps if we luck out this movie might be shown next month  ?
Although I do understand what you mean with the COMET Schedule order  .

Thanks also for the TV Listings link for the COMET Schedule too  .

So glad you like my icon / avatar
this film is my second favorite of all time too
( that portrait is my absolute favorite as well )  .

It's very interesting that you mentioned the " Harvey Movie "
because just last week it finally aired on the channel
TCM ( Turner Classic Movies ) .
As part of the film series that evening - " From Stage to Screen " .
What an absolute treat to finally see it on TV again  .


I like your avatar also MystMoonstruck
is that from the movie " The Misfits " from 1961 ?

Another memorable classic that TCM
should show on it's channel again too  .


Yes, that's Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable in "The Misfits".

About the schedule: You're welcome! I'm passing it on from someone who provided it for me when I said that I was wary about downloading COMET's schedule. If I have to mark an agreement and go through steps, I always chicken out.

"Harvey" is among my "century films": movies I've seen 100 times or more. I have a very long list of them, too! I do try to catch ones I haven't viewed, but sometimes I do get lulled into watching an old favorite. When TCM aired it, I guess I must have found something else to watch; I recall seeing the listing and balancing one film against the other. I'd have to check my film journal to see which was the winner.

By the way: My No. 1 film is "Romeo and Juliet" (1968), which I fell in love with when I was about 17 years old. Back then, it seemed that everyone in high school also fell in love with the film, including its soundtrack. All of the girls had crushes on Leonard (Len) Whiting, and the boys thought that Olivia Hussey was the perfect girl. I imagine many of them found new favorites, but it remains in my heart. I still collect memorabilia though at my age I should give that up.

(W)hat are we without our dreams?
Making sure our fantasies
Do not overpower our realities. ~ RC


I really like that term you use
when you happily watch a memorable favorite movie
at least 100 times or more - " century films "
quite clever indeed  .

I don't think I actually saw the 1968 version of the movie " Romeo and Juliet "
but thanks for the movie recommendation for it  .
I know sooner or later I will be looking out for that one on TCM
or another cable channel as well   .
We never know when a particular favorite film will pop-up there  .

Again thanks MystMoonstruck and as always
it's a pleasure chatting with you
here on the IMDB Boards or on PM's also   .

Have a great evening too  !


For me, "Romeo and Juliet" is perfection! The cast is remarkable, the costumes and settings are amazing, then there's Nino Rota's lovely score.

This movie was so popular that, of course, they released the soundtrack. I was upset that it did not include "Maresca" and other pieces. Next, they released another album, this one with music mixed with dialogue. We still weren't satisfied. So, they released a four-record set of the COMPLETE soundtrack~every bit of dialogue and music! I had purchased the other two, and I arranged to pay via layaway at the record store. I don't recall how much the set cost; I think that's something important: to buy something more expensive than one usually would then, later, not remember what the price was. Many of my allowances went toward the set.

I took the set (beautifully boxed) to school. During English class, the teacher played some of it. That same day, in chorus, the teacher set aside teaching so that we could listen to my records! I think that even adults loved this film, or maybe they were so pleased to see our adoration.

I wonder: Has any other film had that done? Has any other COMPLETE soundtrack been released? The film also kept being re-released to theaters. I managed to see it 21 times at three theaters; back then, that was still unusual~going to see one movie multiple times. Yes, people had done it with "2001: A Space Odyssey". But, I'm sure people thought I was crazy to be so devoted to this film. I've seen only one other medieval-setting film that I enjoy nearly as much: "A Walk with Love and Death".

Oh dear... I got carried away and am very OT! (It took me a long time before I figured out that's "off topic". *giggle*) Well, I started this thread, so maybe it's OK. Maybe? Possibly? *sheepish grin*

Here's a link to a clip from the film, which includes part of the "Maresca", one of my favorite scenes. The tall, regal girl who steps aside to reveal Juliet is Rosaline, the girl whom Romeo actually "crashed the party" to see; I love the transition from one ideal girl to the new one. No wonder he gets lectured later about being fickle!
Actually, I think this page has all of the film but in separate pieces~just in case you're interested.

(W)hat are we without our dreams?
Making sure our fantasies
Do not overpower our realities. ~ RC


So sorry for the delay in response to
your last reply here MystMoonstruck   .

Thanks so much for sharing this YouTube movie scores link
for the 1968 film " Romeo and Juliette "  .

I really understand why you enjoy this film so much
it seems to be of very good quality
in both picture and music as well   .

As film fans here it's nice to have
an all time favorite film we can
comfortably refer back to   .

Also whenever we need to as well
it's a refreshing feeling of nostalgia
and can be quite freeing as well  .