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Sportscar scene in this movie?

I think I may have watched this movie when I was younger. Is there a scene where a big bully (who, of course, prizes his car above all else) realizes that someone's been in his car and has broken it somehow? And he starts yelling "my car! They broke my car@!" while he has some chick in the car with him? This is all I remember.


Not sure if you ever got an answer to this, but there is a scene in this movie similar to your description. The bully has a black Trans-AM. He picks up a high-school, weightlifter/tomboy. They mess around. After they finish he goes to take a leak and then just dumps her off at home and gets mad at her for breaking his seat. He yells something like "Thanks for breaking my seat!" And then tears off. She mutters something like "Gee. Charming."

Hope that helps!