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I actually enjoyed watching this version

For my personal preference, I actually enjoyed this version of The Fall of the House of Usher, with Martin Landau, Ray Walston, Robert Hays, and Charlene Tilton.
I think it's the sympathetic performance that Martin Landau gave which made me like this made-for-television version.


Robert Hays and wife Charlene Tilton arrive at the brooding, hulking Usher mansion in response to the urgent summons of Hays' boyhood chum, Landau. Despite being only two years older Landau looks a lot older than his boyhood pal, Hays, but that's attributable to Landau's family congenital genetic disorder, which renders its victim ultra-sensitive in all five senses, causing such torment and pain that ultimately the person succumbs to insanity. In the meantime the congenital malady prematurely ages its victims.
Landau greets his boyhood chum while wearing pajamas; his skin cannot tolerate the roughness of ordinary clothes anymore. Over dinner, Landau informs Hays that he has managed with great difficulty to stave off the madness that often afflicts the Usher family members after prolonged suffering of the painful genetic disorder. Landau can barely eat the tiny spoonfuls of boiled oatmeal, since his tastebuds are overly sensitive.
Landau is a genuinely sincere and compassionate friend who evokes sympathy for all the suffering and horror he has to endure in a doomed house.
This is a fun, gothis suspense movie to watch in autumn when the climate turns dark and cold. This movie could be enjoyed the most between October and December. The Usher house is large, overwhelming, dark, depressing and delightfully creepy, like a mausoleum. In fact the interior of the Usher mansion looks Dracula-castle like. The best creepy moments come when you hear a woman's agonized groaning reverberating through the darkened hallways and chambers. It's Roderick's sister, Madeline, all ghastly pale and white and suffering from dementia. She's coming for you !!!!


I liked it alot to, i think it is quite a good movie, i have it on an old vhs tape, and i see it from time to time.


I just watched it for the first time, on a Spanish-subtitled VHS rip. I can't call it the greatest movie ever, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it.