I take issue with the film

Great performances, but I object to the "bravery" angle they put out there when talking about Gilmour. How, he accepted execution and was willing to take it. It was a little more complicated than that. By getting his execution carried out, Gilmour doomed thousands of other convicts (many who were innocent) to be executed as well. Gilmour was a reckless loser and if he wanted to be executed, he should have been given life imprisonment, just to piss him off.

And do not lead us into temptation


This is a catch 22. Do I believe in the death penalty? By and large no. Do I believe in eye for an eye? Yes. Do I believe the death penalty works? No. I'll even explain why: It's done behind closed doors. Do it in public, with all screw ups included with agonizing deaths, and you'll see a sharp decrease in death punishable crimes. Will it stop everyone? Hell no, that's just human nature. We'll always have some who just don't care.

Now back to Gilmour.

By todays standards he is better than most of the people on death row. Why? Because he KNEW he did wrong. The U.S. government had brought back the death penalty (he didn't do THAT) and he wanted to pay for what he did. He got his wish. If more did that we wouldn't be paying taxes to keep these people alive for decades deciding thier fate.

As Gilmour said: "Lets do it"




Mailer's docu-novel brings that out, but it's hard to do so in a film,. particularly one where every viewer knows the protagonist is dead in real life. In fact, Norman Mailer's book is in some parts really an oral-history record of the Gilmore case - it's plain that some chapters are pretty much transcripts of interviews with people that Schiller and others did in the months after Gary was executed. In particular, the law people and those people who met Gilmore in his final months in jail.

As Schiller was visiting the Brigham Young University of Salt Lake City in the month before the execution, a student asked him why he wasn't doing the story on [Gilmore's victim] Benny Bushnell instead. He replied that Gary mattered beyond his own case and that among killers - and he'd met a few - "only Gary has the courage to see the consequences of his acts in the eye". Quite right.


glorified suicide, if you ask me.


we don't :)


That's one of the most ridiculous laws on the books.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." Andy (The Shawshank Redemption)