Jones walk...

Was having the character mince an acting choice or is that the way Tommy Lee actually walks?


There was mention in the film by TLJ as Gary Gilmour that he was raheld down and raped in Juvenile detention the first week he was there and he relates with some sadness that within a short time, he was one of the toughs holding down the young new boys. Gary Gilmour began to enjoy his fame and perhaps TLJ studied some of the footage of him to learn the way he walked.

For those Americans who don't understand the question "Walking with a Mince" means, being "all swishy" and kinda flamboyantly and stereotypically Gay, like a Jailhouse Bitch. I would suggest reading The biook by Gilmour's brother , which has been mentioned here a few times. It seems both of them were brutalized from a young age by their alcoholic and mean-spirited father who also beat the tar out of their mother. Gary spent more of his life INSIDE institutions than out which might mean that he was more often than not, aforced participant in Jailhouse sex or an enforcer of jailhouse sex. Tommy Lee Jones doesn't "Mince" around in his other roles before and after the film, so perhaps this was just a reflection of a Gilmour trait.

Hope that helps.