Versions and availabilty

Sorry is this has been discussed before, I'm getting different answers depending on who you ask. I read the novel back in '86 and seem to remember on being on cable before that. So far, I recall:

Cable TV version (early-mid 80') that had searing and nudity.

Director's Cut: Swearing, no nudity, added scenes.

European version: Swearing, Nudity, just a shorter run time (97 mins)

It's been so long since I've seen a non-Youtube version, I remember a scene when Gary is trying to play cards with some of this relatives (and friends) and keeps changing the rules. They leave and he get tries to pick up a local girl and fails after being too aggressive.

Does anyone in what medial (DVD, Blu Ray) there are on?




Too bad you aren't here. I'd love to discuss this with you or anyone else who is here now.
I don't recall a cable version. That isn't to say that there wasn't one.
As I recall, I saw this on TV. It was a two nighter on network TV. The thing is, I seem to remember it being the mid to late 80's when I saw this. This leads me to think that the network re aired it as a movie of the week type thing.

There is something that bothers me. Obviously, it has to do with music copyrights. When I first saw this, Don't Fear The Reaper was playing when Nichole was preparing the pills in the balloon she was going to slip to Gary.
There was also a different song that was playing on the car radio when they were transporting Gary to his execution. I forget the name of it, but I can hear it in my head. It's from the 70's. Something about flying away. Both these songs worked better in the scenes.( "(Una) Paloma Blanca" by George Baker Selection was the name of the other song!)
I can't find any copy with the original music. Such a shame!