While I am not the biggest fan of categories, I find that I muss watch more movies on magicians and illusions. I have two that I have on my list to re-watch. One of them is the "Illusionist" the other is "The Prestige". I have yet to find what the overall arch/plot of those films are but I feel there is a need to know. In this film I was astounded with the cinematography. The colors were so vibrant. From the outset when the kid Danny goes to the club the streets are wet and the neon lights are in full effect. The provide a setting that I rarely see these days and the scene is held long enough to enjoy the novelty.

Another scene was at the magic store. The interior lighting was so quiet in such a noisy setting. I grew up in St. Louis, Mo and often time while wandering around the downtown or even in a neighborhood where we lived inner city, I would wander not small stores. I was too young to know of my race and oftentimes a store owner (being Jewish or German) would allow my curiosity to bloom. This scene "felt" like back than in some one of those stores.

Every time Danny would stroll down a street the low angle and the lighting would transform the most mundane objects to a near fantasy experience. I do not know who was responsible for this but the achievement makes this a priceless DVD to my collection

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