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Henry Thomas arrested on suspicion of DUI

TMZ reports The Haunting of Hill House star, best known for his role as Elliott in E.T., was taken into custody Monday in Oregon after police say he was spotted passed out behind the wheel of his car parked in the middle of a residential intersection. Thomas was released this morning on his own recognizance.


Who among us is without flaw?


Actor Henry Thomas, who played the adorable Elliott in “E.T.,” told a cop he was going to sue her and tampered with a urine test after he was found passed out in a car in October, according to records cited in a local report.

Thomas, 48, was arrested Oct. 21 in Tualatin, Ore., and charged with driving under the influence. During the arrest, he told Officer Jessica Lemieux, “I am going to make sure you are fired,” according to the Oregonian newspaper.

Police said the car smelled of weed and that Thomas, who was found beside a bottle of marijuana extract, admitted he had drunk some hard ciders earlier but refused to take a breathalyzer test, according to the Oregonian.

When asked to provide a urine sample at the police station, the cute kid from the 1982 Steven Spielberg tearjerker handed over a container that was tampered with and possibly diluted with toilet water, cops said.

“You know I am an actor,” Thomas told Lemieux, according to records cited by the Oregonian. “I played the kid in ‘E.T.’”

He later pleaded no contest to DUI.

Thomas reunited with his extraterrestrial costar in a holiday ad for Xfinity released in November.