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One Thing I Found Myself Disagreeing With….

Was that BS speech by the priest saying “Vampires know that they’re destined for hell, they get a glimpse of it & will do anything to live & avoid it”. Maybe this is not accurate word for word but that’s the gist of what he said.

Uh, well let me think, it’s not anybody’s fault if you know you get attacked & killed by a vampire, especially if you yourself get turned into one so why would your fate to be doomed to hell eternally for something you didn’t do or weren’t at fault for? It’s not like the people who were vampires, Desire herself included made a conscious choice of the will saying “Yeah I want to be a vampire, kill people & live forever”.

Yeah I understand full well a vampire is considered a damnable creature, but most movies I’ve ever seen say the only way to grant one “peace” is to free it by destroying it. These same movies never said you were condemning them to hell by killing them.

So that part of the plot goes against my sense of fair play so to speak. Don’t know how the rest of you feel about it but that really would suck if you believed it.


September 18, 2021 Saturday 1:30 PM ET
EDITED: (Sept. 18, 2021 Sat. 3:45 PM ET)

The following is based heavily on Bram Stoker's take on vampires, which is underpinned by the backbone of Christianity.

By nature, vampires are demons mixed with humanity. Demons are fallen angels (wicked angels). Every human being has their own soul, able of receiving redemption by the grace of God. Without a soul, vampires are in a state of eminent doom (perdition) because they are the living dead (are animated - spiritually exist but need to host off of a physical body; possession) yet do not have a conscience (which morally binds one towards reconcilliation; divine peace).

In essence, they are evil itself; nature (what we see) brought to form (who they really are) - in need of purifying and cleansing, only offering bloodshed and death instead of life. Vampires are not the original person they are masquerading as. When a person dies, their body experiences death (the first death) and their soul can potentially reside spiritually in the celestial realm that is Heaven, eternally (without time or space) after it is resurrected. Hell leads to the second death because the soul, which has to be damned in order to be there, experiences nothing but futility or hopelessness due to eternal torment brought on by despair without the kind of grace espoused by Christ; no trust; no true meekness (merciful, gentle); no sincere faith.