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Dec. 11, 2012 Blu-ray/DVD Release

Available to pre-order now.

Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.


Have been looking forward to this finally being released. Praise to Shout factory for releasing hard to get titles. People should support this company. You can order directly from their website rather than from Amazon.


Those who do not live in the U.S. or Canada (the only two countries that Shout! Factory will ship to) are advised by Shout! Factory as follows:

Our best advice is to check your favorite retailer or online store in the territory in which you reside. If it is available in your area, it'll likely show up there. For most products purchased on our website, we cannot ship outside of the U.S. or Canada. - Shout! Factory FAQ

Every purchase of a new Shout! Factory product supports Shout! Factory, wherever it's ordered from.


Just put up a press release from Scream Factory about their Dec/Jan slate, which also includes THE ISLAND, DEADLY BLESSING and THE NEST. You can read all about it at my site:

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I bought it on Saturday at HMV.

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