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Movie playing on hotel room TV

Does anyone know the name of the movie that is being shown on the TV set in the hotel room when Billy is alone with the babysitter? Or if it even is a real movie?

It appears to be an old western.



Dunno the name of the TV film, but Death Valley is now on youtube without breaks, so happy days.

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I too was curious about that. I think I've narrowed it down to a movie called The Sunset Trail (1932). If I can confirm that I'll add it as a movie connection.

::EDIT:: Yeah, that's it. Narrowed it down by the dialogue primarily, which specifically references the following character and place names: Buddy, Taterbug, Circle J Ranch, Dusty Bend. Then I looked at promotional stills from The Sunset Trail and compared images of the lead (Ken Maynard) with what is shown on the television. Everything matches, including Ken's costume.

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Well done!

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