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Deadly Encounter vs Birds of Prey

Has anyone noticed the similarities between Deadly Encounter and the 1973 film Birds of Prey?

1. Hero flies a Hughes Helicopter

2. Villians snatch girl in a Aeospatiale Lama Helicopter

3. There is the same "stand-off" where the hero's and villains helis cirle round each other (in Deadly Encounter the scene is over the water)

4. The "road landing" - in Birds of Prey the hero lands on the road for a fuel top-up from a lorry, whist in Deadly Encounter there's a landing on the trailer of a moving lorry!

I still love both films though!


I'm in the same boat as you, I love both films and was lucky enough to finally get them on DVD. Both were directed by William A Graham and both had Robert Boris contribute the story/writing, so perhaps the "500 vs Lama" plot point was their "thing"?

I would love to see both films REMASTERED and put out on DVD or even....*Homer Simpson drool* Blu-ray......aaaggghhhhhhhhhhh! ;-)