before it's time

if this move would just go on dvd it would sell like hotcakes it was way before its time


Just goes to show how progressive Hollywood has always been. Josephine would have a lot easier time today than in the mid 1970s.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.


We like what we like. I remember really looking forward to seeing this when it first came out because of the great cast & intriguing title. Then, after I saw it, I felt very disappointed. Just saw it again on TV tonite, 30 yrs later, and I'm disappointed again. The acting's very good. I've never seen Karen Black give a bad performance, even with mediocre material like this. Burnt Offerings doesn't count. Bette Davis & Oliver Reed got just as funcked-over by that abortion of a script.

This reminded me of a Pulitzer winning play I saw in the 90's by Paula Vogel, called How I Learned to Drive. I couldn't believe, at the time, a vehicle so cliché-riddled could win such a high honor. Even Debra Winger, the reason I saw it, gave an amateurish performance; though, she looked very beautiful in person, first row.

Anyway, for me this movie's a waste of talent. They deserve much better material. Robert Altman's great talent as a director was using good & interesting actors/actresses, not counting Andie McDowell. But his movies usually are excitement-free, and offer little humor. THAT'S what "Jimmy Dean" is missing.

But, it IS great to see Black, Dennis & Cher in the same frame, isn't it? ;p