I have it

And it is such a great film i cannot understand why this has not been shown more and publicised more widely. Tim Curry simply makes this film pop with magic from start to finish an excellent cast beautifully written and like a fine wine it just gets better as it matures.

anyone wanting this or other old and hard to find films take a look here


or visit this website


(register free) and you can contact pantiespink with any requests or questions for films.


Thanks for the info, but at the risk of sounding stooopid (wouldn't be the first time!), how do I go about getting a copy/seeing the movie? Have visited the site (dvdclassix) and really cannot tell....do I leave a message in the Chat Box? Couldn't access serials2010.proboards.com at all...
Private message me if you prefer.


Hi Sorry for the delay in replying i upgraded from proboards to this site

- www.z7.invisionfree.com/serials_2000

-the movie is available on dvd region free so it plays in any country just contact me if you would like a copy it is $10 and that includes postage and packing all the best. Cobweb