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Mr. Steele's real name?

After having watched every episode, I just couldn't help but deduce what I thought Mr. Steele's real name was. And, I first want to give a SPOILER ALERT for those who've not seen all the episodes. I wouldn't want to spoil any episodes, for anyone.

I think we are given a couple of clues, as to what his given name might have been, had his mother survived his birth. We find out in about the very last hour of the show that Daniel Chalmers not only is Steele's mentor; he's his father, and that his mother didn't survive his birth. However, Daniel had attempted some foolish con game and was in prison when Steele was born.

Daniel catches up with his son, when the boy is about 14 and needing some guidance. So, he mentors him, but doesn't tell him he's his father. Well, I figure, since Daniel was very fond of calling the boy Harry, that Mr. Steele's given name probably would have been Harold Chalmers. I actually like Laura's name for him better.

But, what was sad about the characters is that Laura wanted him to tell her his real name so badly. But, she didn't realize that he wasn't trying to hide it from her. He simply didn't know it himself!

And, it was an obstacle in their relationship. However, it gave us five years of great television! As far as I know, we have no clue to a middle name.


Some people don't have middle names. I have a cousin who didn't. And then again, some people have two, three, or more middle names. 



I assumed it was/is Harry, but nothing else can we assume.Harry may not be a nickname for Harold. I assume Daniel's name is made up. So, I doubt Remington's last name would be Chalmers.

I think in the end his real name is Remington Steele, because that is who he has truly become.

I smile when Laura early in the series calls him Harry, for lack of his "real" name. He is Harry!


I like to think that Harry was a nickname for Henry instead of Harold...just b/c I like Henry more. But in the end, I guess it really didn't matter. He became Remington Steele and that name suits him perfectly. Pierce Brosnan himself has a similarly striking name!


I thought it was revealed that Chalmers called him Harry because that was the name he had been using when they met.

When was it revealed that Chalmers was his father? I don't remember that episode.