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I wonder what it would take to buy the rights to this show?

Once pop, of all media types, is past its prime, it often goes up for sale. This show really wowed me as a child and I'd consider buying it, and others, then trying to make a go of it with a distribution network.

I can't see such an endeavor making a profit but at least this worthy failure wouldn't be lost to the decaying pre-DVD generation of shows. I'm all for posterity.


Well, the easy way to do it, is to remake it, then continue its run. Find those 4 episodes (sci-fi convention vendors have bootlegs of them, I saw them awhile back) and re-watch them. Then rewrite it as treatment or screenplay for a movie or TV series. You might want to update it a bit for this was 23 years ago (but still ahead of its time).

Or simply just continue the story from what was left off...

Submit it to a movie company or better yet The Sci-Fi channel, and they may lead you in the right direction in obtaining the rights.

I'm an aspiring writer, maybe we can collaborate!

I, too, remember this show. I was 10 and I loved it, but I have not seen it since.


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reply sells the entire series on dvd for $5


You can also vote for it at


Anyone know who currently owns the rights to this show studio wise? All I know is its under Marc Carlinger Productions. I'm thinking if we know the studio we could write to them to ask for a DVD release (however unlikely that is). Maybe we might get lucky if they consider it a cult show; maybe Shout Factory or another 3rd party DVD company could release it.


Do you know where one might get a hold of these yourself...this Phoenix show left a curiously strong imorint on me when i saw it as a 6 or 7 year old in the early eighties...any whereabouts?

if you do: [email protected]


this show left a 'curiously strong imprint' on me as well. i am VERY interested in viewing it again.


I have the entire series from the Sci-Fi Channel airings and the original ABC airings. There are 5 episodes, not just 4.

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I was 10 when this show was on tv. I vaguely remember it, but I remember its star from V the tv series and other shows. I didn't know it only lasted for about 4 episodes. 1982 was a good year for tv one season wonders, Voyagers!, Tales of the Golden Monkey, Bring 'Em Back Alive, Masquerade among others.


All eps are up on Youtube now, for however long they last up there.

I wish someone would remake this series. But they should stick to the series and the planned eps that were never aired. This show was so kewl. I cannot believe they canceled it after only a few eps.