does anyone know if they show reruns of this show???


Im sure Boomerang (Cartoon Networks Sister station) will show an episode or block on a rainy day.



The only channel that wasted people's time rerunning this tripe is believed to be TV Land. Boomerang hasn't bothered, because there are better things for them to rerun.

And, I hope that Teletoon Retro never reruns it, either.


Boomerang would never been able to air this because Turner/WB never owned this show. The ones owned by CBS television only i believe re-ran on TVland rarely. I have vague memories of them, and most of what i remember is from internet era looking up.

Although i'm not sure tripe is an appropriate word. It's a simple toon based on taking characters into a cartoon landscape. For what it was, it's well accomplished it's job if people still remember it to be asking if it ever re-runs.

I don't get what people get out of backlashing things that are fine as what they are. I believe i've said this on one of the other boards, but i doubt anyone is ever calling this their favorite cartoon, but as a fun celebrity toon, it did it's job just fine and was a fun little romp.

I'd gladly buy it if it ever came out on DVD to see the whole thing, and i'm sure plenty of others would too. Some people on the interent just need to stop their own superiority complexes and realize something like this did exactly what it was supposed too.

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