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Great show gets it's DVD release today.

I grew up on this show and many other shows from the 80's. The 80's had the best action/adventure/P.I./Cop shows from any decade.

You have:A-Team, Airwolf, Automan, Chips, Crazy Like a Fox, Dukes of Hazzard, Fall Guy, Fantasy Island, Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle & Mccormick, Hunter, Knight Rider, Magnum P.I., Matt Houston, Misfits of Science, Police Squad, Probe, Quincy, Remington Steele, Riptide, Simon & Simon, Sledge Hammer, T.J. Hooker, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, V, Voyagers! & Whiz Kids.

That's a hec of a list of great shows. Matt Houston is one of those great P.I. shows from the 80's that involved some fun along the way. Also the show looked great and the DVD transfer looks really clean to me. I had recorded the show off of TNN a few years ago and the quality is so much better on DVD. I am watching the pilot episode and I have forgotten how good the show was. The music is also very good. The only thing that bothered me was C.J.'s texas accent at the beginning of the show. I believe she lost the accent as the show went along.

I hope to see the other two seasons released soon. There are some greats from later years. The Wolf makes 2 appearances in the next two seasons. The Chuck Connors episode is from season 1 and I am looking forward to that one. Heather Locklear makes an appearance in the episode after the pilot. I remember her wearing a brown swimsuit, sitting under a triangle and doing mind exercises or something like that. She looked hot. Can't wait to see that one next. I remember Season 3 brings us Buddy Ebsen as Roy Houston. I thought he worked well on the show.


Well its been over a year since season 1 was released and no news yet on season 2. Hope this isn't another stalled show.



Yeah, we're way overdue for the next set.


I know it's been a very long time since this post, but, I just watched an episode of Houston and read this on the board

I just wanted to say that. - apart from one or two. - I absolutely adored all these shows and they bring so many memories. I'd like to add Spenser For Hire, Scarecrow and Mrs King, Midnight Caller, Wolf, MacGyver and the tragically short lived Cover Up. They just don't make shows like these anymore and it's a shame because they were pure entertainment which is what TV is supposed to be for

TV today just doesn't add up to past decades. The 50's had really good Westerns, the 60's / 70's had good spy / espionage shows, the later 70's had the best Detective shows. - I particularly loved the Quinn Martin Productions, the 80's had great action adventure shows and the 90's had the best sci if shows

Nowadays everything is all sex, swearing and gore. I'm not exactly against this in certain circumstances, but, there'so so much of it now that we've lost what I love about shows / films. - story / character / entertainment. I'd rather be told in a good story than shown in graphic details as it means the writers are just filling space with sex and gore because they don't seem to be able to write. It's unfortunate