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Just got the Complete Series from VEI

I had recorded the series years ago on, I believe, the Nashville Network. I am hoping it is uncut and with original music intact. The pilot is very well done and I had forgotten that Houston owned many cars. I only remembered him driving one or two. The music and flow of the pilot is very good and very enjoyable to watch.

I look forward to the episodes with Chuck Connors, Judson Scott(Wolf). They were great bad guys.

I also look forward to seeing Pamela Hensley in a bikini, I believe twice. My favorite was from the last season where she wore an incredibly sexy tan bikini on a boat before her friend was taken. There is also the episode with Heather Lockear in a swimsuit! Wow! And Barbi Benton has an episode where she wears a swimsuit and a bikini.

Also remember the 2 part nam episode, the 2 part episode where Houston was on the run from the police becauae he was suspected of murder. Also the episode from season 2 where he helped his old cop buddy John Aprea prove his innocence, I believe, from a drug charge.

So many great memories to relive. I love the way tv shows used to entertain. Thoses days are long gone.


Season 1 was great. They changed the format in season 2. Houston gives up his fortune and becomes a private eye. Season 2 2 and 3 seem to be sydicated cuts of the show. The first season ran at 49 minutes and season 2 & 3 run at 46 minutes. I am getting tired of VEI releasing shows that are not complete and uncut.


To start I am very disappointed That X-22 The pilot has that lousy chariots of fire theme after the champagne bottle hits the ship!! This is another case of a studio not wanting to pay for music rights!! All the episodes are missing the pre-episode coming attractions and the next weeks coming attractions and that is why every episode is 46:30 minutes long..In the case of the missing trailers if they didn't have them all they probably chose not to include them..Also syndication prints have the logo in the picture..They did not use syndication prints!! I feel bad that they ruined the pilot in this way..I fortunately have the pilot with the original music and it is Spectacular!!


Hmm... I don't think I've ever viewed the pilot without the Chariots of Fire theme. Didn't know the music was changed. I have all the VeI episodes plus the first season CBS released a few years back. Same music on both.

Noticed one interesting discrepancy in the episode "Caged". At the end when Matt rescues C.J., on an old TNN copy C.J. says "I know you" just before Matt embraces her. In the VEI "complete" version, she doesn't (the line is cut). Hmm ...

At the end of the episode "Wanted Man", the credits roll and the Disney music "When You Wish Upon a Star" is played. In the VEI release, "generic" music is heard.

From what I understand, getting music rights can be somewhat timely and problematic. (Probably too expensive for a TV show like MH).