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forgotten classic?

i never see it on tv, no one talks about it much

have people forgotten it?


I haven't forgotten it. I think Cheers is a better show than Frasier. The first 5 seasons are the best, after that the show slowly goes downhill. The final episode is very good though.


It's not popular with younger audiences, so yeah, it's not talked about.

As far as it being a classic, I'm kind of torn on it. Yes, it's beloved by many people. It was extremely popular in it's hey day.

But I'm kinda torn on it. I'm currently rewatching the whole thing. I have been since like last April or May. I put it on while I'm cooking or working out. It's my background show or standby when I can't find anything to watch. Don't get me wrong, it's funny, but it's not hilarious. I'm not even sure how to put it into words, but the humor can be a little...simple? So simple sometimes it's not even funny. Makes you think "THIS is supposed to be the best sitcom ever?" And the characters are not deep at all. It's the same jokes, gags, personality traits over and over. No growth or development, aside from maybe Fraiser. No real drama or storylines. And the Sam and Diane thing was COMPLETELY played out. I cringed during the court episode where where she was suing him and the judge agreed to throw it out if they worked it out. Not only were they constantly on again off again, they were engaged SEVERAL times; only for her to walk away. Diane was funny and quick witted, but EVERYTHING about her was stale. I'm finding the post-Diane stuff to be refreshing. And again, I think the show is funny, I enjoy the familiarity of it, and do really enjoy watching it, but funniest show of all time? Not for my money.