Ron Liebman

I think he stole the movie with his over the top performance as Estaban. The way he was yelling and some of his other lines were funny too.


I could not agree more. Hamilton is great, perfect for the role really. But Leibman caught everyone off guard with this over-the-top, full-bore comedy act. I had no idea and never would have cast him. But I can't IMAGINE anyone else doing as well.

"I have always expected people to be nicer than me and never in my life have I been disappointed."
"Now you have God and me against you...fruitcake!"
"Ahh, I expected a better game of cat and mouses."
"Two fruits...Ah, ha, I think he is trying to tell me something"
"You know...that one thingggg...we dooo...once...every-year?"..."We still have 3 months to GO!"

These lines are WRITTEN very, very well. BUT Liebman made them GREAT!!!

"How do I set a laser pointer to stun?"


"These lines are WRITTEN very, very well. BUT Liebman made them GREAT!!!" by exb-2 above.

I couldn't agree with you more! Great writing can only get you so far ... delivery of the joke (or scetch) is muy importante in order for the entie scene to be successful.

That's the difference between Leno and O'Brien - both have great writers, but Conan doesn't deliver as well. (Plus when Conan is dying out there, his skits seem to last way to long - like 4-5 minutes!. Painful.

Cats are delicate dainty animals who suffer from a variety of ailments ... except insomnia.


I've seen him in a few other things, and he's often a straight man. Which makes this performance that much funnier. 


He was good. I haven't seen him in anything else. So I don't know if this role is representative of his comedy. But he was very funny in this one.