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Fantastic movie with a timeless message

The elder Zorro dies then leaves his legacy to his 2 sons (though he did not know which one would accept it).

At first his son Diego embraces the legacy
fully and models himself on his father's traditional Zorro image. Diego gets a little carried away trying to romance a lady and injures himself.

Luckily his twin brother Ramon returns after twenty years in the British Navy.
(His father sent him there to learn how to be more "masculine")

What Ramon learned is that he is a fabulous, confident, flamboyantly gay man who now goes by the name Bunny Wigglesworth.

He agrees to take up the Zorro mantle until his brother is healed, but only if it can
be on HIS terms. Bunny has brightly colored costumes and uses a whip instead of a sword in hilarious fashion.

Eventually Diego is healed and Bunny departs back to Britain.

A few days later Diego is captured and about to be executed when Bunny arrives in a most heroic fashion to save his brother. The Zorro brothers battle side by side, save the day together.

After one last meeting at their fathers tomb the brothers ride their separate ways with the knowledge that they BOTH proved worthy of the legacy of Zorro without compromising who they are as individuals.

It doesn't get better than that.

I saw this in the drive-in when I was 5.

I loved it then, I love it more now.