DVD available from Europe?

I need some help from my European friends - is this film available in DVD format from anywhere in Europe? A small indie-film group I run attempted to watch a VHS copy the other night, and the video had degraded to the point where we couldn't see the ending, which you can imagine upset a good number of the film addicts present.

I appreciate any help on where to look, though with an empty message board, I suspect it's not well known.



I am currently transferring this movie from an old VHS tape to a digital format. The quality is reasonable. The colours are o.k. but the image is - of course - not very sharp. Please let me know if you are still interested in this movie, that I cherish from when I was 16 (a perfect age for watching this movie).

Michel Couzijn
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Hallo Michel,

Ik zou de film heel graag willen zien maar ik kan nergens een DVD vinden... Zou ik een digitaal bestand kunnen krijgen?

Met dank en met vriendelijke groet,



De film Twee Vorstinnen is nu op Youtube te zien:


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