The uncensored version

It took a long time to find the true, uncensored/unaltered version of this amazing film. I think it was a fan-created dvd, as the previously cut footage has VHS quality edited into a nice dvd quality original. No complaints here though. It was nice to be able to see what this film was meant to be. Gone is the storyline of the guys accidentally running over the guy with their car; the real reason the girl is after them is so much more disturbing. Terrorist bombings are at the center of the story, and the whole thing is just one disturbing, anarchistic nightmare that gives you the feeling that you are getting away with something, just by watching. Maybe someday Tsui Hark's masterpiece will be restored to it's original glory. until then i am glad that the bootlegs exist.

"IMdB; where 14 year olds can act like jaded 40 year old critics...'


************* SPOILERS *************

Many years ago I have seen the "director's cut" of this unrivaled film in a German cinema. Recently I've seen it again on DVD but now I wonder if that really was a completely uncensored/unaltered bootleg. It DID have the Scene where Pearl watches the students planting a bomb in a theater instead of the hit-and-run accident, but there was a difference in another scene.

In the bootleg version Pearl chases after the students and tries to set them on fire (because they abandoned her before the bus hijacking) when the westerner appears. She confronts him and the scene ends with her stealing the Japanese bank orders and the contract from his car and running away.

In the "director's cut" she additionally sets his car on fire in that scene if I remember correctly. Can anyone confirm this? (As I said it's a long time ago and my mind might be playing a trick on me.)