filmed at my school

anybody else on this board attend VFMA (valley forge military academy)

top 5 cruise movies

5. interview with the vampire
4. risky buisness
3. all the right moves
2. a few good men
1. cocktail


I did from 85-89.

B Company and F Company.


not a chance with top 5...

cocktail sucked, and all the right moves was lame.

Minority Report
MI 1

all better

the dudebert abides


I didn't attend VFMA, but my high used to kick the crap out of VFMA every year in football and wrestling- aside from the one or two 25-year old postgrads on your teams like Gary Stills who were older than most of our coaches, your players sucked.


i went to school with gary stills. one of the best natural athletes I have ever known. A company. he still plays in the NFL for the rams now I assume. was with the chiefs for awhile.


ummm TOP GUN is his best hands down