The ending (SPOLIERS)

God, I saw this movie when I was five. All I remember is that song 24000 baci.
It was really funny, and moving from what I remember.
Can anyone tell me what happened after his father dies? I can't remember what happened to Dolly Bell?

I can't believe you did it, I loved you!...'Course, I was coming up here to kill ya.


you cannot remember because it isn't shown what happens afterwards with Dolly Bell, or at least that is how I remember it ;) the last time she is shown, is with Dino, the son, getting into a fight with Pog?, the pimp. and isn't that how it turns for many of us? the first love disappearing into the sea of time and memories, being left clueless about their "remains".

nevertheless a question remains - why don't you simply watch this movie again since you seemingly enjoyed it?