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the song that Dino plays on the Vinly at lunch??

Hello fellow movie watchers, i want to know the name of the song that Dino plays when the family is having lunch, before it starts raining....please, someone must remember that song...sorta like an opera...

and also, is Dino's family muslim?? cuz i heard the "Azaan" somewhere and the ladies at the death of his father are reciting.....??? (any comments/suggestions?)


The song is Casa gorkih suza by Slavko Perovic. You can find it on Youtube. It's a cover of a Mexican folk song.

Yes, Dino's family is muslim.

Aieie Brazorf


thanks a lot dude. You are the best!!!!!!!!

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:)and i hope Emir will one day use one of my songs in his movie... :D

any movie recommendations, please do share...