Filming location?

Hello, I wound up here after reading an interview with Ulli Lommel in Ian Grey's book "Sex, Stupidity, and Greed"- so I know nothing about this film.

Just curious if it was actually filmed in Lake Havasu, Arizona (where the London Bridge was moved.) I grew up there, and there were two other awful films shot there in the mid 80's. Seems like everyone made a big deal about those, so I wondered why I hadn't heard of this.


Yes, you are correct,the movie was actually shot in Lake Havasu City in early, 1981. There was also some filming that was done in London. By the way do you recall the other films that were shot there?


Yeah- one was a TV movie that was shot entirely around Lake Havasu that goes by many titles, but originally "Terror At The London Bridge."

It's pretty cheesy, but not near as bad as you might expect.

The other is much worse- "Million Dollar Mystery." It was filmed all over Arizona, with the "climax" at the London Bridge. It's just awful. The whole thing was a 90 minute Glad Bag commercial- I mean that literally.

Olivia predates both of them, so I'm surprised it wasn't publicized more when I lived there.

Of course, since then, they also shot "View From The Top" there. Moral...Lake Havasu is not a good place to shoot a successful movie unless it has "Girls Gone Wild" in the title.