the hulk and miss marple

i hurried to watch this before the new version would ruin it, at first i was rather suprised the granny on the cover got whacked, couse i thought she would be the one solving the crime, then you got bixby there as "miss marple" so to say, then lesley-anne down joined in, and after that i lost concentration.. or it increased, i don't know. notice, one thing i loved about it is how she got diffrent clothes in about every scene except one part of the movie. i rather enjoyed the catfight too. the sound seemed odd somewhere.

in this strip club today,
dancing girls, shaking their curves away,
with hats and hot dresses on,
so gray outside today, and a wind of cold,
missing you since you went away,
their moves gives me a few seconds thrill today,
dancing girls, without past, without names,
not a word they say,
so gray outside,
staring in these neon signs,
wondering where you are now,
i can't eat, i can't sleep,
need you back with me,
sitting at this club in the afternoon,
the daylight is gone soon,
maybe i'll be back here tomorrow at the same time,
maybe they'll manage to sooth me and turn me on for a while,
while i have you on my mind,
one of them kind of like you reminds in sight,
and i hope it's as gray outside,
and i hope that you'll someday come back, from wherever you are now.