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Worst movie I have ever liked

Sure, it's terrible, but I liked it, even though I know it's terrible. Modern Problems should be remade, even; it deserves a second chance. There's some really cool stuff in this movie...

--Super-powers handled differently: Usually, when a hero gets powers, it's a question of what he's supposed to do with them. "For good or for evil?" The main character in this doens't have that problem at all. Darcy's all that's on his mind.

--Powers used for evil!: Usually, when a hero gets powers he ends up using them for good. Not this guy. He uses his powers for evil almost immediatly. Neat!

--Psy-orgasm: The first time I saw this, I hadn't ever had an orgasm (I'm young), but now I have, and it adds a whole new dimension to this scene for me. I would've married Max for that ability!

--Chevy acts pretty well. Scary, sad, snarky... this chracter's screwed up! I find Max both interesting and frustrating, as a character.

--the greatest "WTF moment" I've seen in any movie (the demon powder!)

--The shortest pair of shorts I've ever seen on a man (Chevy).

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Truly one of my old favorites - recalling that NO movie before or since featured a main character snorting a 10-foot line of a powdered substance ;)

(right at the beginning of the Reagan era too)

From the first 5 minutes of watching "Dr Phil" I thought of Dabney Colemans character in MP

Surprised Dr Phil wasn't sued over "look and feel" *smirk*

anyone else notice the scene =right= before the snorting, where Nell Carters' character buttons up her blouse exclaiming how "sick he was" - yet we don't see he blouse get UNbuttoned...

Damn PG rating :)

Yeah, a remake would be EVER so cool - I'm thinkin' how well the Wayans brothers could do with this script and plot...


Please don't encourage the Wayans brothers.


Another poster and I independently recognized the Dr. Phil in Dr. Mark. I saw MP when I was 12 with my dad and future stepbrother and of the first things we did together as a new "family." Most apt! Anyhow, I watched it again in the mid-'90s and then again about four years go. The last time was, of course, when I picked up on the Dr. Phil thing. Regarding the title of this thread, suffice to say "Chevy Chase movie." This is not a *good* movie, it's a *fun* movie. However, it takes a strong cast to make a script this weak work. Without Chevy, Dabney Coleman, Mary Kay Place, Patti D'Arbanville, and Nell Carter, MP wouldn't hold up.


I agree with the subject line.

Particularly annoying was that theme song, and the over the top sound effects. Still, I watch it every couple of years for the hell of it.


Lol I just saw this movie a couple days ago for the first time. I definetly liked the shorts haha. Chevy looks so different now though. :(


LOL - you guys don't remember dolphin shorts? I do - and everyone wore them, girls and yes, even straight guys. You have to admit though, Chevy had the legs for them :P

I haven't seen this movie in years and years, and I just noticed it was on on cable and I had to catch it again; and it's generating the same giggles it did when I saw it all those years ago. For those of us who cut our teeth on the original Not Ready for Primetime Players (I used to babysit on Saturday nights and watched it every Saturday, followed by Don Kirshner's Rock Concert) - this was de rigeur viewing and my friends and I went to the drive-in to watch it.

It's nice to see other people besides me appreciate this terrible movie that was so wonderful. :)

Visualize Whirled Peas :P


This is the worst movie I've ever seen!


You've never seen Ishtar? I'm also guessing that you've never seen any early Roger Corman movie as well.

This movie wasn't that awful compared to those. This movie ranks as bad as Body Slam (1987 movie with Dirk Benedict). That movie was bad, but it had its moments, just like this one. There are plenty more terrible movies out there, trust an old A/V geek from High School on that one.


Some very funny moments but the script was lacking. It needed more comedy and less depressing Chevy moments. Chevy was depressed through the whole movie unless he was torturing somebody with his powers


IrreverentOne, I agree--"It's nice to see other people besides me appreciate this terrible movie that was so wonderful."

When this came out on DVD a couple of years ago, I was very shocked. I can remember saying something like, okay, now they'll release ANYTHING on DVD. Don't get me wrong--classic odd humor that's still enjoyable, especially with all the crap they have today that they call humor...



It's a terrible movie and not even fun in a guilty pleasure way. Chase looks disinterested throughout and his character is too much of a jerk to sympathize with. The jokes all fall flat and the humour too bizarre and mean spirited.


It's true, this is a very weird movie.

The premise is interesting, the 1980s atmosphere is excellent, the actor performances are pretty good, the effects are sort of 'passable', and all in all, this movie is nice and good - - - on paper.

In reality, the movie just doesn't mesh. It's kind of hard to put your finger on it, as no single bit of the movie can be blamed, but there's something terribly off-putting and disturbing about this movie, and its story devolves into something nonsensical and chaotic by the end.

It tries very hard to be charming and 'folksy' (I guess - not sure if this is the right word, I probably shouldn't trust George Costanza), and the ending wants to be the typical silly, wacky, humorous and satisfying conclusion with the 'power' finding its 'proper owner'..

..but it just doesn't work. It's like a puzzle, where every piece is nicely done with respectable craftsmanship, but none of the pieces quite fit together, and the pieces don't form a coherent picture when put together.

In a way, there are more 'bizarre' movies, and the premise is pretty simple, but they make it a bit insane, crazy and evil in the end. If Chevy's character was a bit more sympathetic instead of vindictive jerk seeking for revenge for petty things, maybe it would work a bit better.

It's always a bad thing when no character is sympathetic enough to root for. When you consider every character a moron, jerk or just downright evil, you don't have an anchor in the story that you could use to put yourself in and sympathize with.

Chevy's character can be a bit of an egotistical blowhard and still charming and likable, like in the movie 'Fletch' and maybe even 'Just Like Old Times', but in this movie, it's hard to know what to think about him, except hate him and be repulsed by him.

If this was the only Chevy movie I've seen, I would probably hate him. Thankfully, I really like him in other movies, so I respect+like his on-screen charisma and acting ability and comedy.


This movie certainly 'falls flat' on so many levels - it start boringly and weirdly, then it goes into a solid, long boredom track, before interesting things start happening, but the development of the main gimmick is also slow and tedious.

By the time things really start to happen, the viewer is already confused, bored and quite irritated, and the downhill only starts from there.

The viewer is ready to laugh, ready to find the movie entertaining, but the movie just doesn't deliver. There are a couple of interesting or entertaining, relatable bits, but as mentioned, the humor is certainly mean-spirited.

It's a good point about 'disinterested' - when I look at him in this movie, that's exactly how he looks almost all the time.

It's not funny enough to be comedy, it's not coherent enough to be a mystery movie, it doesn't quite work even as a horror movie, and of course that injected romance has to ruin the rest. But even that is somehow really weird.

Most of the time, viewer doesn't know whether to laugh or be shocked or to try to feel sympathy or what. There has to be better movies about this idea somewhere.

It's like all the elements are there, but they don't work together, they don't gel, they don't fit, they're not done right - it doesn't form a coherent picture, there's something odd about this movie beyond the premise, story and the performances and the horror bits. There's something really strange about it from the beginning to end, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

This movie just isn't a pleasant experience on any level, it's impossible to enjoy it in any way.