A few questions *Spoilers*

I've seen this movie a million times, I'm one of the oddballs that love it, and there are a few things I was wondering.

1. How come Max didn't trust Darcy?

2. What do you think happened the next day after all of the events that took place at the beach house?

3. Was the beach house really the same house used in the movie Psycho or did it just look like it?

4. Do you think there should have been a sequel with Dorita now having the power?

5. Do you think Darcy ever found out that it was Max that gave Barry the nosebleed? And if so, do you think she got mad?

Stupid questions I know, but just curious.


1) Max as the jealous and distrusting type. Why? It's never explored in the film. It just is.

2) Max and Darcy would get along until the next time Max messed up.

3) No I think it was just an homage to Psycho.

4) Good God no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) I can't imagine how she would have if she and Max got back together.


Maybe Dorita was content as their maid and stayed around. Then they cleaned up the house and got Mark down from the ceiling. Hopefully Max and Darcy got married and tried to do something with their relationship. Strange movie overall and the ending is incomplete.


here are my answers

1. Maybe cause his first marriage ended cause Lorraine cheated, and he feared it would happen with Darcy.

2.Max and Darcy left quietly and started a new life.

3. No just a tribute.

4. Not in this lifetime.

5. Hard to say, cause she was not present when that event took place.