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location help PLS /London residents?

There's a great location background used near the start of "part 4" or towards the end of the film. An Art Deco cinema where the pair meet for a date. It looks like a classic great example of Deco architecture/Cinema! Anyone know its location in London? Still standing?

Any input/help appreciated. Cheers.


It's gone, it was the Odeon in Harlesden on craven park road, the cafe is still there though,and the new block of flats built on the site is called odeon court


Aww--> CHEERS greigssmith!

& thx to you I then found a site (which may be of interest ?) featuring pix of fab cinema architecture...

I've linked in btw to a fab b/w shot of Harlesden Odeon looking exactly as it does in 'The Knowledge':-

Thx again the input :)