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HBO showing on Christmas Eve, 1982...

Hello friends. I realize many of you were not even born in 1982, but if you're here reading the KNIGHTRIDERS message board, you obviously have some spare time and an interest in the film, So I will tell my story and ask if anyone else remembers what I remember. I was 11 years old in 1982, and was a huge movie lover even back then. When the new HBO guide came out around the first of the month, I would pour over it enthusiastically and make mental notes about what movies to watch and when they were showing. Somewhere towards the back of that December 1982 guide, there was the small write-up for the film, accompanied by a picture of A Knight on a motorcycle, weapon in hand. Being an 11 year old boy, I thought the movie sounded as cool as could be, and eagerly wanted to see it. I then looked at the showing dates and was disappointed that the first showing wasn't until December 24, and I'd have to wait almost a month. Not only that, but it also didn't start until very late, (Around Midnight, I believe) and was well over 2 hours long. I patiently waited, and when Christmas Eve came I forced myself (And my Mother and Brother) to stay up for the whole thing until around 3am. I then helped my Mom and Bro put the Christmas Presents under the tree for the first time in my life. Despite only seeing it that one occasion, I never forgot so much of this unique movie, no matter how much time went by. For example, I never forgot the musical theme. I never forgot the hick in the audience talking with his mouth full. (who was Stephen King, although I didn't know that at the time.) I never forgot Tom Savini's great performance, and of course I never forgot the amazing stunts. It was just a twist of HBO programming fate that made me associate this film with Christmas, but it's almost 30 years later and I'm still compeled to write about it. Thank you George Romero, You're just like King Billy in this film. We love you.


Awesome story, thanks for sharing.


My Pleasure, ITE. Thanks for reading.


Hello Again Friends, this is the Original Poster. Since this very second marks the 30th Anniversary of my first viewing of Knightriders, I couldn't resist a little mention. By the way, I'll throw in that I am watching my DVD right now. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless George Romereo


Hard to believe! I did the EXACT SAME THING!!!! Christmas eve 1982....Loved the show and loved Billy. Bought the dvd 3 years ago. Also did the same thing with the HBO booklet! I was 14. I didn't even like motorcycles that much. It was the plot that interested me. Still one of my favorite movies.


I'm so glad I'm not alone on this, EWAYNE61. I figured there HAD to be someone else in the world. Maybe we remember that night BECAUSE this was such an unusual movie. A more run-of-the-mill film might have been forgotten. You would think that even some of the cast and crew were watching that night. I keep hoping we'll hear from them on here someday. And by the way, since you had the courtesy to respond, I'll share with you the HBO schedule for Friday December 24, 1982, which I looked up at the Library.

6pm- Emmit Otter's jug band Christmas

7pm- Inside the NFL

8pm- Oliver

10:30pm- Rich Little's Christmas Carol

11:30pm- This is Elvis

1:15am- Knightriders

3:45am- Taps

Happy Memories of When HBO was King!! Have a good Day, My Friend


I don't think it was Christmas Eve--but it was around that time. I was in high school and hanging out at my boyfriend's house. This movie came on. I had to be home in an hour, but I got sucked into it and wanted to stay and watch to the end.

I called my mom asking for permission and, thinking it would be like most movies, said, "I think it will only be another half hour or so."

And hour later, my mom phoned, mad as hell, and told me to get my ass home.

I begged to stay--I was so in love with the film by this time I had to see how it ended. I think she called during the huge duel between Morgan and Billy.

She said no, so I drove home, so so angry I didn't get to see the ending.

I finally got to see the whole thing a few years later.

This is one of those movies--I love it as much today as I did then. And this is the best DVD commentary ever--you can tell that THEY loved making it as much as we love watching it.


Yes Grumpy Otter, There were a few more showings in January 1983, and I'm pretty sure it Appeared again a year or two later. I personally remember wanting to watch it again in those days, but it's length and odd showing times prevented me from doing so. It was however, one of the first movies I ever purchased online in the early days of the Internet. When I first even heard of the idea for an "INTERNET" where you could buy almost anything however obscure, The First thing I Looked for and bought was a New VHS of Knightriders. It must have been in the early 1990's. These little anecdotes that I can recall from many years ago only go to show once again what an Unusual, Memorable, One-of-a-Kind Film this is that only a Truly Independent Director could Make. Thanks for Sharing the Story about Your Initial Viewing, I have similar stories,but i won't bend your ear. Have a Good Day


I love to think back on the days when HBO was the big thing.

We first got HBO in 1980, and the very first thing I ever watched on it was "Grease".

The home video VHS rental store phenomenon of the 80s hadn't really taken off just yet (until around '84 or so, when it got big; it was around, but very few people had VCRs yet).

No, in the early 80s, HBO was THE thing. You had the theaters, and then you had HBO. It was THE best home way to watch newer films uncut and commercial free. And whatever the latest big movie premiered was was what people went back to work or school on Monday talking about.

I remember those days so well. Also, in 1982, we also got Showtime for the first time, as well. We got Cinemax in 1984. I only ever saw The Movie Channel here and there.

Anyway, I remember so many things from HBO back then. I remember when "Halloween", "The Shining", and "An American Werewolf in London" all first premiered (in 1980, 1981, and 1983, respectively).

So many little "tough" movies from then, too. "Silent Rage", "10 to Midnight", "Vice Squad", "Humongous", and many others that scarred 80s kids for life,LOL.