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romero's disgusting multiculturalism (look at me...I'm cool!)

I generally dig romero's anti-establishment vibe, but I hate his desperate usage of blacks in his movies. He always has to have at least one cool or 'magical' black in his movies. He thinks that is what is cool.

romero needs to understand something--multiculturalism is NOT anti-establishment. It is PRO-establishment. The Establishment CREATED multiculturalism to drive down wages and increase the number of human livestock on this ranch called america. More corporate profits, higher GDP. That is the goal of multiculturalism. And it all started with multiculturalist propaganda in school and TV and movies.

School, tv and movies? That is just the propaganda arm of the Establishment, George!

...A leftist against mass immigration and multiculturalism.


You're creating a false connection here. Regardless of your "tinfoil hat" ideas about corporate America, diversity does not equal multiculturalism.

"Weirdness was all he cared about. Weirdness and sex and plenty to drink."


I've never had a problem with Romero's black characters and don't remember him using a "magical negro" at any point in any film. The black characters in Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are both very good and are maybe the best acted part in each.


"You just don't get it" is a phrase used far too often at IMDb, but it applies here. You're talking conspiracies & money & power, and Billy's talking ideals.