Elvira episode

I watched it sometime in the early-'90s on Elivra's late night show where she'd do openers, closers & bumpers humoursly skewering it. The closer EVEN had a special guest appearance by none other than Fabian himself!! They recreated the kiss scene with her in a cheesy blond wig. Funny!

This was before MST3K and it NEEDS the "MST3K Treatment" STAT!

She remarked how the last scene with a chase down a hill had this cheesy '70s "soft mellow gold" sound saying it sounds like a Grant Goodeve song and totally wrong for an intended suspsenful conclusion.

Do yourself a favour and track that episode down and skip a crappy VHS to blank DVD-R transfer found on Amazon... if it were possible!!!!


I acquired this episode through a DVD trader on the internet and I am finally watching it right now.

The movie is so awful that it's great and Elvira is hilarious!