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Were You A Fan Of USA UP ALL NIGHT? If You Were Then Needing Your Help!

If you loved watching Hollywood High Part 2 then I know you would have loved the kind of movies that USA UP ALL NIGHT on the USA Network use to show on Friday and Saturday nights! USA UP ALL NIGHT showed a variety of movies like B movies, cult classics, horror movies, and a few mainstream movies as well!

Who can ever forget about the hosts? There was the hot sexy beautiful blonde bombshell named Rhonda Shear who hosted the show on Friday nights and then Gilbert Gottfried who is famous for doing the voice of the duck in the AFLAC commercials. Gilbert Gottfried hosted the show on Saturday nights!

You can find the website posted in my signature, posted on wikipedia under USA UP ALL NIGHT, and I also created a forum on MySpace under USA UP ALL NIGHT where you can find the website at.

While you are viewing the website please take the time and sign the petition! Let all of your family and friends who were fans of this show know about the website and let them know to sign the petition as well because we need as many signatures as we can get to bring back USA UP ALL NIGHT on Friday and Saturday nights!

Thanks again!


Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans of the show!